Oracle Data Guard

Oracle Data Guard ensures high availability, data protection, and disaster recovery for enterprise data. Data Guard provides a comprehensive set of services that create, maintain, manage, and monitor one or more standby databases to enable production Oracle databases to survive disasters and data corruptions.


    What you will learn?

    This Oracle Database 11g: Data Guard Administration Release 2 training helps you develop the skills to use Oracle Data Guard to help protect your Oracle database against planned and unplanned downtimes. Explore how Data Guard standby databases can be used to support production functions such as reporting, querying and testing, while in a standby role.

    Learn To:

      • Offload business processing needs to another system
      • Offload backup needs to another system
      • Build highly available systems
      • Offload business processing needs to another system

    Benefits to You

    Ensure fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage performance. Optimize database workloads, lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by enabling smooth and rapid consolidation within your Datacenter.

    Data Guard Architecture

    This course explores Data Guard architecture, the configuration of physical and logical standby databases and role transitions. Expert instructors will also help you explore Oracle Data Guard 11g features, including Oracle Active Data Guard and snapshot standby databases.

    Oracle Data Guard Course Highlights:

      • Use Data Guard to achieve a highly available Oracle Database
      • Describe the Data Guard architecture.
      • Modify the Data Guard Services
      • Use the Data Guard Broker
      • Implement physical and logical standby databases
      • Perform failover and switchover operations
      • Enable fast-start failover.


      • Create and manage physical and logical standby databases
      • Use Data Guard standby databases to support production functions such as reporting, querying, testing, and performing backups
      • Use Enterprise Manager Grid Control and the Data Guard command-line interface (DGMGRL) to maintain a Data Guard configuration
      • Use Data Guard to achieve a highly available Oracle database


      • Support Engineer
      • Technical Consultant
      • Database Administrators

    Database Administrator Job Growth

    DBAs play an important and responsible role in every company’s Information Technology (IT) department. DBAs are also very well paid and the average annual salary is more than $100,000 in the USA.

    Among all the IT/computer best jobs in a recent CNN.com Best Jobs in America report, Database Administrator job has the highest job growth forecast (30% increase) for the next 10 years until 2023.

    Introduction to Oracle Data Guard

      • Causes of Data Loss
      • Oracle Data Guard Architecture
      • Types of Standby Databases
      • Using the Data Guard Broker
      • Data Protection Modes
      • Performing Role Transitions

    Creating a Physical Standby Database by Using SQL and RMAN Commands

      • Preparing the Primary Database
      • Creating the Physical Standby Database

    Oracle Data Guard Broker

      • Oracle Data Guard Broker Features
      • Oracle Data Guard Broker Configurations
      • Data Guard Monitor Process
      • Data Guard Monitor Configuration Files
      • Benefits of Using the Data Guard Broker
      • Comparing Configuration Management With and Without the Broker
      • Using DGMGRL

    Creating a Data Guard Broker Configuration

      • Defining a Data Guard Configuration
      • Setting up the Broker Configuration Files
      • Setting the DG_BROKER_START Initialization Parameter to TRUE to start the Data Guard Broker
      • Creating the Broker Configuration
      • Adding the Standby Database to the Configuration
      • Creating a Logical Standby Database
      • Using the DGMGRL SHOW CONFIGURATION Command to Monitor the Configuration
      • Viewing Standby Redo Log Information
      • Monitoring Redo Apply

    Creating a Logical Standby Database

      • Using the DGMGRL SHOW CONFIGURATION Command to Monitor the Configuration
      • Viewing Standby Redo Log Information
      • Monitoring Redo Apply

    Creating and Managing a Snapshot Standby Database

      • Snapshot Standby Database: Architecture
      • Converting a Physical Standby Database to a Snapshot Standby Database
      • Activating a Snapshot Standby Database: Issues and Cautions
      • Viewing Snapshot Standby Database Information
      • Converting a Snapshot Standby Database to a Physical Standby Database

    Using Oracle Active Data Guard

      • Using Real-Time Query
      • Enabling and Disabling Real-Time Query
      • Enabling Block Change Tracking on a Physical Standby Database
      • Creating Fast Incremental Backups
      • Monitoring Block Change Tracking

    Configuring Data Protection Modes

      • Preparing to Create a Logical Standby Database
      • Checking for Unsupported Objects , Data Types, and Tables
      • Ensuring Unique Row Identifiers
      • Creating the Logical Standby Using SQL Commands
      • Securing your Logical Standby Database

    Performing Role Transitions

      • Contrast switchover vs. failover
      • Preparing for a Switchover
      • Performing a Switchover using DGMGRL
      • Types of Failovers
      • Re-enabling Disabled Databases

    Using Flashback Database in a Data Guard Configuration

      • Overview of Flashback Database
      • Configuring Flashback Database
      • Using Flashback Database Instead of Apply Delay
      • Using Flashback Database and Real Time Apply
      • Flashback Through Standby Database Role Transitions
      • Using Flashback Database After Failover

    Enabling Fast-Start Failover

      • Installing the Observer Software
      • Configuring Fast-Start Failover
      • Configuring Automatic Reinstatement of the Primary Database
      • Initiating Fast-Start Failover from an Application
      • Disabling Fast-Start Failover
      • Starting and Stopping the Observer
      • Moving the Observer to a new Host

    Performing Backup and Recovery Considerations in an Oracle Data Guard Configuration

      • Backup and Recovery of a Logical Standby Database
      • Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog in a Data Guard Configuration
      • Creating the Recovery Catalog
      • Registering a Database in the Recovery Catalog
      • Configuring Daily Incremental Backups

    Using a Backup to Recover a Data File on the Primary Database

      • Recovering a Data File on the Standby Database

    Optimizing a Data Guard Configuration

      • Using Enterprise Manager Grid Control to monitor configuration performance
      • Setting the ReopenSecs and Net Time out database properties
      • Compressing Redo Data
      • Delaying the Application of Redo Data
      • Optimizing SQL Apply
      • Adjusting the Number of APPLIER and PREPARER processes

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