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    Course Objectives

    SQL Server Integration Services

      • Introduction to SSIS & Data Warehouse
      • SSIS Connection Manager
      • SSIS Sources
      • Basic ETL Entities in SSIS
      • SSIS Expressions & Package Debugging
      • SSIS Transformations
      • SSIS Control Flow Tasks
      • Foreach loops
      • Events, Errors and Logging
      • SQL Server Import and Export Data Wizard
      • SSIS Project Deployments

    SQL Server Reporting Services

      • Introduction to SSRS
      • Designing a Simple Report
      • Data sources and datasets
      • Tables
      • Grouping tables
      • Expressions
      • Pages and printing
      • Parameters
      • Indicators
      • Gauges
      • Matrices
      • Charts
      • Data bars and sparklines
      • Lists
      • Subreports
      • Deploying to Report Manager
      • Using Report Manager
      • Subscriptions
      • Maps
      • Revision of expressions
      • Variables
      • Embedding code
      • Basic Custom Assemblies
      • Examples of custom assemblies
      • Stored procedures in SSRS
      • Parameters using Stored Procedures
      • Dropdown parameters
      • Multivalue dropdowns
      • Customising reports
      • Improving report navigation
      • Linking reports (drilldown)
      • Dynamic reports

    SQL Server Integration Services

    Introduction to SSIS & Data Warehouse

      • Need for SSIS and ETL / DWH Entities
      • Data Warehouse Design and SSIS
      • DW Components and SSIS Tools
      • SSIS Configuration and Catalog DB
      • Control Flow Tasks Architecture
      • Data Flow Tasks and ETL Architecture
      • Data Pipelines and Data Buffers

    SSIS Connection Manager

      • Connection Managers Introduction
      • OLE DB Connection Manager
      • ADO Connection Manager
      • ADO.NET Connection Manager
      • Cache Connection Manager
      • EXCEL Connection Manager
      • File Connection Manager
      • SMO Connection Manager

    SSIS Sources

      • ADO.NET Source
      • Excel Source
      • OLE DB Source
      • Flat File Source
      • XML Source

    Basic ETL Entities in SSIS

      • SSIS Data Types and Data Conversions
      • SSIS Local and Global Variables
      • Dynamic Precedence Constraints
      • Dynamic Connection Managers in DFT
      • Data Flow Transformations and Usage
      • Handling ETL Enumerations in SSIS
      • ETl with Loops & Indexed Connections

    SSIS Expressions & Package Debugging

      • Conditional Precedence Expressions
      • SSIS Parameters Usage and Variables
      • Control Flow Breakpoints – Usage
      • Data Flow Data Viewers and Audits
      • SSIS Expressions & Debugging Options
      • Debugging SSIS Packages & Limitations

    SSIS Transformations

      • Aggregate Transformation Basic Mode
      • Configure Multiple Outputs in Aggregate Transformation (Aggregate Transformation Advanced Mode)
      • Audit Transformation
      • Copy Column Transformation
      • Character Map Transformation in SSIS
      • Data Conversion Transformation
      • Derived Column Transformation
      • Row Count Transformation in SSIS 2014
      • Row Sampling Transformation
      • Percentage Sampling Transformation
      • Conditional Split Transformation
      • Multicast Transformation
      • Import Column Transformation
      • Export Column Transformation
      • Pivot Transformation in SSIS 2008R2
      • Pivot Transformation in SSIS 2014
      • Unpivot Transformation
      • Cache Transformation
      • Union All Transformation
      • Sort Transformation in SSIS 2014
      • Merge Transformation in SSIS 2014
      • Inner Join Using Merge Join Transformation in SSIS 2014
      • Left Outer Join Using Merge Join Transformation in SSIS 2014
      • Right Outer Join Using Merge Join Transformation in SSIS 2014
      • Full Outer Join Using Merge Join Transformation in SSIS 2014
      • Lookup Transformation
      • Lookup Transformation Using OLE DB Connection Manager
      • Lookup Transformation in Full Cache Mode
      • Lookup Transformation Case Sensitivity
      • Fuzzy Lookup Transformation in SSIS 2014
      • Fuzzy Grouping Transformation in SSIS 2014
      • Term Lookup Transformation
      • Term Extraction Transformation
      • Term Extraction Transformation – Extract Nouns Only
      • Term Extraction Transformation – Extract Noun Phrases Only
      • Term Extraction Transformation – Extract Nouns and Noun Phrases
      • Term Extraction Transformation – Exclusion Tab
      • OLE DB Command Transformation
      • OLE DB Command Transformation – Delete Operations
      • OLE DB Command Transformation – Update Operations

    SSIS Control Flow Tasks

      • Bulk Insert Task
      • Execute T-SQL Statement Task
      • Execute Package Task in SSIS
      • Execute Package Task – Executing Packages in File System
      • Execute Package Task – Executing Packages in SQL Server
      • Execute Package Task – Executing Packages present in the Same Project
      • File System Task
      • File System Task – Copy Directory
      • File System Task – Copy File
      • File System Task – Delete Directory Content
      • File System Task – Delete Directory
      • File System Task – Delete File
      • File System Task – Move Directory
      • File System Task – Move File
      • File System Task – Rename File
      • File System Task – Set Attributes
      • Change Data Capture (CDC)
      • Send Mail Task
      • Script Task
      • Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD)
      • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task in SSIS 2014
      • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task – Transferring SQL Server Tables with Data
      • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task – Transfer SQL Server Table Structures without Data
      • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task – Transferring SQL Server Stored Procedures
      • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task – Transfer SQL Server User Defined Function
      • Transfer SQL Server Objects Task – Transferring SQL Server Views

    Foreach loops

      • Looping over files
      • Looping over records
      • Other for each loops

    Events, Errors and Logging

      • SSIS Package Events and Audits
      • Package Level Event Handling Options
      • SSIS Event Bubbling Escalations
      • SSIS Logging & Project Connections
      • Windows Event Logs and SSIS Jobs
      • SQL Server Logging and Audit Tables
      • Global Connections and Project Audits
      • Using SSIS Data Profile Viewer Task

    SQL Server Import and Export Data Wizard

      • Export Data from SQL Server to Flat File Using Import and Export Data Wizard
      • Import Data from Flat File to SQL Server Using Import and Export Data Wizard
      • Export Data from SQL Server to Excel File Using Import and Export Data Wizard
      • Import Data from Excel File to SQL Server Using Import and Export Data Wizard

    SSIS Project Deployments

      • SSIS Deployment and SSIS Catalog DB
      • SSIS Catalog Project Files and Options
      • Security – Logins, Users, SSIS Admin
      • SSIS Catalog Folders in SSISDB
      • Post Deployments & Connections
      • Package Configurations, Parameters
      • SSIS Package Validations, Reports
      • SSIS Package Scripts with T-SQL
      • Tuning Deployment and Configurations
      • SSIS Package Performance Reports


    Introduction to SSRS

      • BIDS and Report Manager
      • Solutions and projects
      • The 4 main Visual Studio windows

    Designing a Simple Report

      • Authoring a report
      • Using report items
      • Selecting and formatting report items
      • Number formats

    Data sources and datasets

      • Shared data sources
      • Shared versus embedded datasets
      • Using Query Designer


      • Structure of a table
      • Formatting tables
      • Inserting rows
      • Interactive sorting
      • Repeating page headers

    Grouping tables

      • Using the grouping panes
      • Row and column groups
      • Displaying subtotals
      • Outlining


      • Calculated fields
      • The Report Items collection
      • Using built-in fields
      • Conditional formatting using expressions

    Pages and printing

      • Page headers and footers
      • Pagination between groups
      • Header and footer expressions


      • Using query parameters
      • Creating drop lists
      • Multi-value drop lists
      • Formatting using parameters


      • Creating indicators
      • Changing the symbols displayed
      • Stopping indicators stretching


      • Creating and formatting gauges
      • Gauge panels
      • Pointers, scales and ranges


      • Areas of a matrix
      • Sorting and grouping matrices
      • Creating and formatting subtotals


      • The areas of a chart
      • Creating charts
      • Formatting charts

    Data bars and sparklines

      • Need for a grouped row
      • Creating data bars
      • Creating sparklines


      • Creating and formatting lists
      • Grouping using lists
      • Using rectangles in lists


        • Creating a child report
        • Creating the main report
        • Creating and formatting subreports

    Deploying to Report Manager

            • Choosing a target folder
            • Ways to deploy reports

    Using Report Manager

            • Using Report Manager
            • Creating folders
            • Moving and deleting reports


            • How subscriptions work
            • Creating a new subscription
            • Managing subscriptions


            • ESRI shapefiles / SQL spatial data
            • Linking to datasets
            • Map layers
            • Center points and point layers

    Revision of expressions

            • Calculated fields
            • Using the expression builder
            • Worked examples of functions
            • Using extra .NET functions


            • Report variables
            • Group variables
            • A worked example

    Embedding code

            • Report property coding
            • Using functions in expressions
            • Other ways to write code

    Basic Custom Assemblies

            • Creating class libraries
            • Writing functions in VB or C#
            • Creating and publishing DLLs
            • Referencing functions

    Examples of custom assemblies

            • Counting words
            • Alternating colours
            • Heat maps

    Stored procedures in SSRS

            • Pros and cons
            • Server Explorer
            • Creating and editing procedures
            • Running and debugging

    Parameters using Stored Procedures

            • Creating report parameters
            • Default and null values
            • Coping with empty reports

    Dropdown parameters

            • Creating dropdown parameters
            • Linked dropdowns
            • Replacing SELECT A VALUE

    Multivalue dropdowns

            • Creating using datasets
            • Creating using stored procedures
            • Replacing SELECT ALL
            • Displaying choices made

    Customising reports

            • Editing RDL
            • Passing query string parameters
            • Customizing the parameter bar
            • Creating templates

    Improving report navigation

            • Document maps
            • Using bookmarks

    Linking reports (drilldown)

            • Linking to other reports
            • Drilldowns using charts
            • Linking to URLs

    Dynamic reports

            • Dynamic datasets
            • Dynamic grouping,matrices

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