Pegasystems Inc. is an American software company. It is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its products target the customer service and predictive analytics market.


    About Course

    Pega is a Java-based BPM tool that is employed to make enterprise applications. Among all the BPM tools within the market Pega is that the leading and No-1 BPM tool in step with market standards so much on the far side its competitors. Pega enables in creating and managing web-based applications with less effort and faster deadlines using Agile or Scrum methodology. All the components involved in a web-based application square measure in-built in Pega like the combination with Oracle Databases and alternative external systems. Pega even has the best in class Software Configuration Management system built in it. It has been proved that an application development in Pega takes only one-third of an effort compared to Java.

    Why Pega?

    We are in a world of cloud computing and evolved programming wherever the writing effort takes nominal precedence. Customers want a tool that consumes business logic and generates code by itself, thereby reducing the prospect for errors and speedy development. Pega is one such tool that generates the Java code within the background per business logic. It is the favorite of lots of customers in the market, hence increasing its demand.

     Whom Pega is suitable for?

    Pega is appropriate for all IT professionals who look forward to become System Architects and Senior System Architects in future and become industry experts on the same. This course may be pursued by Java furthermore as non- Java background professionals although Java talent is an extra advantage.

    Job Opportunity for Pega

    Pega is hot within the market right away and there’s tremendous amount of job opportunity waiting to be grabbed. In the current state market is brief of excellent Pega professionals and therefore the demand is thus high. Thus Pega professionals square measure one amongst the extremely paid within the market.

    Certifications and Job opportunity Support

    We help the trainees with guidance for Pega System Architect Certification and also provide guidance to get placed in Pega jobs in the industry. Even steering for advanced certification steering may be provided supported demand. Certified Pega professionals are of so much demand in the industry.

    Application Design

      • Starting a Pega 7 Application RULE
      • Introduction to Rule Sets
      • Rule Resolution

    Enterprise Class Structure

      • Circumstancing
      • Reusability and Specialization
      • Case Design
      • Case Management
      • Case Lifecycle Management (Stages)
      • Case Hierarchy
      • Creating and Editing Flows

    Advanced Flow Processing

      • Screen Flows
      • Work Status
      • Work Parties

    Data Model

      • Building a Solid Foundation
      • Controlling Data with Properties
      • Source Your Data with Data Pages

    User Experience

      • Introduction to User Experience
      • Introduction to UI Architecture
      • Building the UI
      • Introduction to Responsive UI
      • Introduction to Styling an Application
      • Understanding Available Controls
      • Building Dynamic UI

    Automating Business Policies

      • Data Transforms
      • Activities
      • Case Attachments
      • Routing
      • Correspondence
      • Ticketing

    Declarative Processing

      • Declaratives Rules
      • Delegating Rules to the Business User
      • Automating Decisions
      • Validation


      • Creating Business User Reports
      • Configuring Reports
      • Data Model in Reports
      • Data Visualization using Charts


      • Introduction to Integration
      • Error Handling and Debugging
      • Configuring a SOAP Connector
      • Setup a SOAP Service
      • Setup a File Listener
      • Interacting with an External Database


    • Standard Agents
    • Controlling Access to an Application


      • System Debugging
      • Designing for Performance
      • System Tuning and Maintenance
      • Migrating an Application

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    • 35 Hours

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